In the words of Elbow, it’s going to be a wonderful day…., a walk from Chinley to Edale, 4 December 2018

Just after 9am I got off the train at Chinley, a village in northern Derbyshire, into fairly dense fog. I was there to walk to Edale, although I hadn’t finalised the route as there were a few options. The fog was slightly disconcerting as it had been sunny with a clear blue sky at Edale, the previous station. As I walked up the road towards Chinley Churn, it became clear that I was in a cloud inversion and that if I climbed higher, I would soon be above it. This proved to be the case as I climbed to Cracken Edge, Chinley Churn. The weather became glorious with stunning views across to Kinder Scout and down onto the cloud covering Chinley and beyond; it was a real feel good to be alive moment. I spent quite a bit of time taking photographs. The walk along to Peep ‘o Day farm is one of my favourites in the district because of its grandstand views.

181204 Kinder Scout 4
The view from Cracken Edge, Chinley Churn, with dense cloud covering Chinley
181204 Kinder Scout 6
Cracken Edge, Chinley Churn
181204 Kinder Scout 10
Mist creeping up Cracken Edge, Chinley Churn

Having crossed the A624 Chapel-en-le-Frith to Glossop road at Peep o’Day farm, I followed the bridlepath past Mount Famine, then detoured slightly to climb South Head (494m high), a fantastic viewpoint all around. From here, the path took me across the peat moorland to Brown Knoll and then Edale Cross, a good place to have lunch. By now, the sun was rapidly disappearing behind cloud and it started feeling chilly. I had a decision to make here as to whether to cross Brown Knoll to Rushup Edge, or to head up onto Kinder Scout’s southern edges. I decided on the latter as I wished to do some photography in Grindsbrook, my chosen descent route to Edale.

181204 Kinder Scout 15
Chinley Churn (right) from near South Head

Cloud was actually scudding across Kinder Scout as I climbed to Noe Stool and then followed the path to the Woolpacks, a bizarre collection of isolated gritstone rocks covering quite a wide area. Next was Crowden Tower at the head of Crowden Brook and then I reached the head of Grindsbrook where I was to descend. The first few hundred metres was a steep clamber over rocks, so needed to take care before the valley gradient eased off a bit. It was just after this point that I found a beautiful cascade to photograph. From there, it was about a further mile’s walk into Edale. I had time before my train home to have a drink in the excellent Rambler Inn, next to the railway station and saw they were selling mulled wine, which I could not resist a glass of, and I have to say went down a treat.

181204 Kinder Scout 21
Crowden Tower, Kinder Scout’s southern edges
181204 Kinder Scout 25
Cascade in Grindsbrook Clough
Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 11.46.50
Route taken, approx 16km

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